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Rhode Island is a great state for recreational fishing with over 400 miles of coastline and many species of fish that can be caught along its shores from April to November.  A sport fishing charter is a great family vacation activity you can indulge in when visiting RI.  From Newport to Providence to Block Island there are charter boats available to take you on exciting trips.

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rhode island fishing charters  There are many boats in Rhode Island offering charter trips for the fish species that inhabit our waters.  Many of them are skilled fisherman and will help you catch fish.

Point Judith fishing charters  Fishing Charters located right across from the port of Galilee.

Ocean City MD Fishing Charters - A great place for fisherman who want to enjoy the unique and varied fishing opportunities that Ocean City has to offer the angler.

Block Island Fishing Charters  Block Island is a small Isle of the Coast of Rhode Island and a well-known destination for striper fishing.  Our charters often go to Block Island and unlike many other services we will fish the Island on a half day trip.

Aces RI Fishing Charters.  Rhode Island Fishing with light tackle sailing from the Galilee fishing channel.  We have the Rhode Island fishing charters your looking for.

Point Judith Fishing Charters - Galilee Fishing Charters at Jim's Dock in Jerusalem RI.  Jim's dock is a great little restaurant with a marina and charterboats.  Take a trip and eat at the restaurant when you get back.  Have them cook your catch.

Galilee fishing charters 
The Galilee docks house many of the charter boats that are operating in Rhode Island.  These are DEM docks that charge a low fee for their slips.  There are also many charter boats located at other marinas on the salt pond, like Snug Harbor, Jim's Dock, Channel Marina, and Lockwood marina.

Galilee Fishing Charters with Aces  Let the captain of the aces wild show you the most enjoyable fishing trip you can imagine when visiting Rhode Island.  Exciting light tackle fishing with topwater plugs.

Striper Fishing charters  Enjoy a fishing trip for stripers.  we often catch both striped bass and bluefish on these trips since they tend to hang out together,  The blues are messy eaters and the bass like to pick up the pieces they leave behind.

Rhode Island Fishing Charters Boats  Try a charter fishing boat adventure today!

Galilee Fishing Charters & Boats Rhode Island. 
For Rhode Island light tackle fishing trips sailing from Jerusalem.  Catch striped bass, bluefish, flounder, sea bass, scup, tuna or tautog on our action-packed fishing trips.

Tautog Fishing Charters  Fishing for Tautog, an Excellent fighting bottom fish prevalent in RI waters.

Shark Fishing Charters  Sharks are awesome opponents and can resist very powerfully when hooked, easily keeping several anglers busy during a fight.  Take a crack at these behemoths.

Rhode Island Light Tackle fishing Boat  Fishing for Flounder, Striped Bass, Tautog, and other species.

Snowfly Block Island Fishing Charters  Experience the thrill of catching big bass on lightweight rods, guiding out of New Harbor on the island.

Newport Fishing Charters    with On the Rocks charters for fly and light tackle fishing.  We are your Newport Fly fishing expert, we can put you on a saltwater striped bass.

Striper Size chart for Rhode Island.  See RI striper sizes.  This chart will help you determine the weight of a striped bass very quickly by measuring the length and applying the factor for being skinny, normal, or fat.  Very useful for getting the fish back in the water quickly, so it will survive.

Point Judith Fishing Charters - Striper  We have chosen five skilled charter boat captains to be part of this web.  They are very experienced fisherman capable of finding fish and through proper coaching can assist you in catching fish and having the best of times on your trip.

Rhode Island fishing charters  In Rhode Island Waters.  Black sea bass are excellent table fare.  Schedule a fishing trip targeting these great tasting fish.

Miller Time Rhode Island fishing charters  Book a trip on the Miller Time because you need to go fishing.  Captain Miller will entertain you as he puts you on the fish.

Striped Bass Charters  Fishing Boats sailing from the Galilee public boat ramp in Rhode Island.  Get on board a exciting fishing charter today.

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